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An online booking system is available on the Home page 'Book Online'. Members are encouraged to book their time using the online booking system and respect the times that are not available.

Booking a wheel includes access to the rest of the studio (the slab roller, glaze room and work benches).

To use just the studio (no wheel), you can just book "Studio Access" time.

Need to edit a booking? Sign up and login 24-7 on our website to edit, cancel, reschedule and see your Booking History.


Studio Opened

November 5, 2023
for Members


The following schedule will be effective for the months of September thru to May each year.  There will be additional Open Studio time during the months of June, July, and August. A revised schedule will be forwarded to all members at that time.

CSC members will have 24-hour access to the studio except during scheduled pottery classes per the schedule below. The studio is not available to members during KCP scheduled classes, and must ensure they have enough time for cleanup to vacate the studio at the appropriate time.



All classes are taught by Krista Cameron Pottery. Sign up for her classes here: 

Member Newsletter


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