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I have been a student of pottery for 9 years.  I started at the Almonte Potters Guild and have been a student at Krista Cameron Pottery for the past 7 years.  Pottery is an incredible art form that provides so many benefits from artistic expression to zen moments of being one with the clay.  

Chairman of the Board

Donna Haycock
Dianne Richmond Pottery.jpg

I have been a potter for 8 years and started by learning skills through the program at St Lawrence College.  Pottery provides me an opportunity for artist expression.  I have tried various forms for pottery from throwing, raku, terra sig and hand building.  All allow me to create unique artistic expressions with clay. Building with clay releases stress and provides a sense of accomplishment by completing pieces which friends and family are happy to own.

Executive Director

Dianne Richmond

20 years ago, I signed up for a ceramics class at SLC and I fell in love. Working with my hands with a group of like-minded people allowed me to put aside the stress in my life. I stayed with the college for about 3 years. After moving to Athens, I began studying at a local studio and have been at it for the last 3 or 4 years. I felt grateful to have this opportunity so close to home and to be able to find passion once again in the arts with amazing people. 

Communication Director

Christine Kivi
Nadine Colwill 2.jpg

I retired and moved to Athens in 2006. On my list to do was to take pottery lessons. My magic moment came when a local studio opened and I was given my first pottery lessons for Christmas in 2009. I have been taking classes ever since. Taking classes and working alongside others who share the same enthusiasm gives me encouragement to keep enjoying making pottery.

Working within clay has given me hours of artistic expression and gratification. I have filled my home with the warmth of these beautiful pieces of art that are both functional and decorative. 

I feel a great connection to my pieces which I have created with my own hands. 

Facility Director

Nadine Colwill

I have been practicing in the art of pottery for approximately 8 years. I enjoy working on the wheel and hand building. I currently have my own wheel I use during warmer months outside where I can enjoy our countryside views and I get my inspiration for my pottery.I have met many new friends who share the love of pottery and I look forward to sharing and meeting new potters at our CSC.

Membership Director

Christina Lenihan

Finance Director

Lindsay Wyers

I have dabbled in various art classes over the years.  I moved to the area last summer and in a quest of wanting to meet new people and learn a new skill-I stumbled upon Pottery.


Starting my first beginner class with Krista in the Fall of 2022, I have been hooked ever since. Pottery gives my left brain a break from the stresses of work and every life and enables the right brain to get creative building pieces for my family, friends and myself to enjoy!

Board Secretary

Cathy deKroon



Sarah Hamelin
Donna Haycock
Crystal May
Heather Snow

Mud Shot Studios

Krista Cameron



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